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About Inter Europa

Inter Europa has been working as a sending and hosting organisation for European projects since our association was created in 2003. We are a non profit association that aims to offer structured international learning opportunities to support personal career development of young people.
International experiences are an important tool for targeting these learning goals and objectives. Our activities are addressed to any kind of youngster, including those at risk of social exclusion.
Inter Europa has developed a reputation for providing a friendly and professional service and for the high quality Spanish language courses and internship programmes we offer. Our association is accredited by ISO 9001 quality assurance schemes.
Our keywords are: creativity, innovation and quality and service improvement.
Finally, since December 2012, Inter Europa has become a Eurodesk Local Relay to extend the availability of Eurodesk information services to young people at local level.
Inter Europa has been declared of Public Utility by the Municipality of Logroño.

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“Young and professional people. At all times they understood my needs and priorities. I'm really happy with the experience”

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“What I like most about Inter Europa is its way of working, organized and close ... I am very satisfied with the deal and the result”


“Team of dynamic professionals and eager to work. Very creative ...”

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Our team. Multidisciplinary and yet personal.

Meet the team that works to help you live an unforgettable international development experience.
All the staff of Inter Europa has a wide experience in the management of international projects.

More Details of Inter Europa

Inter Europa Rioja is a non-profit organization created in 2003 by a multidisciplinary team whose main objective is to provide training, employment and autonomy opportunities for young people.

European programs are a key tool in achieving these objectives. Our activities are aimed at all types of young people, including those at risk of social exclusion.

Quality, innovation and continuous improvement are three key words that identify us. For this reason, since 2011 our management processes have been accredited under the ISO 9001 Standard.

On the other hand, our association has been declared of municipal utility by the City council of Logroño.

The services we offer are subject to our Quality Policy ensuring that these services are provided with the highest quality, efficiency and efficiency. For that
We implemented a Management System, whose principles are the continuous improvement of the organization. Inter Europa has been certified through the ISO 9001: 2000 Standard since 2011.

In addition, Inter Europa is concerned with a better organization of work which will allow greater satisfaction of workers, and always taking into account the
Infrastructure and preserving the environment that surrounds us. For this we guarantee to promote a culture of quality based on the following principles:

  1. Humanity: understanding for this, the close treatment with which the team works with young people, from respect, kindness and active listening.
  2. Professionalism: Inter Europa has a professional team with a high commitment to the mission and its achievement. In addition, it is a flexible, dynamic team capable of adapting to change.
  3. Innovation: From Inter Europe we firmly believe that innovation combined with creativity is a great weapon to change and improve the reality of the young people we are addressing.
  4. Autonomy: Inter Europa is an association that decides its own course, does not depend on any institution neither public nor private. It is an association with religion and politics.

    This policy is reviewed, understood and communicated in the organization and is available to the public.

Inter Europa has received several awards and recognitions that recognize our work at both the international and regional levels. Here are the most representative:

Charlemagne Youth Prize 2016
The Charlemagne Youth Prize is an initiative of the European Parliament and the Foundation “Charlemagne International Prize of Aachen”. Its aim is to promote the understanding of young people at European and international level to stimulate the development of a shared sense of European identity and integration. Inter Europa has been chosen as a candidate to represent Spain.Inter Europe has developed the project called “European Citizenship: Feel Europe, Make Europe and Be Europe”, which seeks to promote the European identity above the national, so that the Young people with intellectual disabilities with whom we realize the project, can feel European citizens, getting to know young people from different countries, approaching other European cultures and customs.

Star of Europe 2013.
Award that Logroño City Council grants every year to entities that have distinguished themselves for their work in promoting European knowledge and reality, as well as their relationship with the countries and programs of the European Union.

Quality Recognition 2013 of the Lifelong Learning Program (PAP) – Grundtvig – senior volunteer.
Distinction granted at the national level by the PAP, through the OAPEE (Autonomous Organization of European Programs) to the centers or institutions that have stood out by their trajectory, as much as
Participation in the program is concerned, as well as the quality of the projects carried out.

La Rioja, Alma Solidaria 2013.
Prize organized by the newspaper La Rioja and the Government of La Rioja and awarded to Inter Europa by the CHAT project
Skills, Autonomy and Work for young people with learning disabilities or intellectual disabilities, whose objective is to provide these young people with an itinerary
Training that fosters their autonomy so they can shape their life project and access a job.

Fundación Alcampo Award for Youth 2013.
Recognition granted by the Inter-Europe training and job inclusion project and the trajectory of
Collaboration with the company Alcampo in the last 6 years.

The Inter Europa action is divided into three main areas. One of the peculiarities of Inter Europa is the union between the local and international area. This union gives international character to a number of projects and activities.

The local area that deals with the Center CHAT (Center of Skills, Autonomy and Work of the people with learning difficulty and / or slight intellectual disability as well as the workshops and activities of easy reading.

The international area dealing with training programs, volunteering and exchanges in Europe.

The area of quality and human resources, which is responsible for designing and implementing a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001, as well as constantly encouraging the team to enter into a process of continuous improvement and innovation.

Inter Europa social action association established in 2003, was born with the objective of responding to the specific needs of the youth group and its closest environment (family and educational).

Our objective is to achieve the highest quality in personal and professional development, as well as the autonomy and education of young people between 14 and 30 years of age. We give priority to the participation of those who have learning difficulties or mild intellectual disabilities in programs created for them and centralized in the CHAT center project

In the web of Inter Europa will be collected all the programs directed to all the young people who want to form and to have an experience in another country. InterEuropa wants to be a reference organization in La Rioja, in the field of promoting the autonomy of young people with disabilities and in the training and employment of all young people mainly from La Rioja, for this we consider it a priority to reach a high degree of specialization (Including legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the service), the expectations of our young people throughout the provision of the service and our objectives of continuous improvement, obtaining the maximum degree of satisfaction of the participants.

We define ourselves as a reference center for the promotion of autonomy and training for employment that uses innovative and pioneering learning methodologies in our Autonomous Community. Based mainly on training through professional practices in Europe and the methodology of employment with support.

Inter Europa has been evolving, permanently betting on innovation and quality to offer new and better educational solutions to encourage and accompany the process of personal development of young people.

Annual reports of the association

In this section the annual reports are published.
They reflect all the work done by Inter Europa in recent years:

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