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A unique work experience...

A Unique Experience

A work experience activity abroad offers a unique way for participants to develop their personal and career goals. Participants are able to bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge they have acquired at college or university and the reality of working in a business environment.

Directed and customized for your needs

Our Internships Programs

We have extensive experience in finding the right work placement for each student. Our Work Placement Officer will match each student’s profile with one of the various local companies we have links with. Placements depend completely on the student’s language skills and on their vocational training and experience.

Groups & Individuals

Our internship programme is available to individuals (self-funded experience) as to a mobility project for Vocational Education Training (VET) learners and staff through Erasmus+ funding, or other school programmes.


Work Placement

Prior to the arrival, the Placement Officer will interview via Skype the candidate in order to understand expectations and discuss possible placements. Employers ultimately have the final say. Our aim is to provide a working placement before the departure of the student Placements are available in all kinds of sectors.

Project Details

Audiovisual CommunicationA1
EducationIn NGOs, schools and nurseryA2
Electronic and electricalInstallation, MaintenanceA1
Culture and ArtA2
Food IndustryLaboratory, quality control, etc.A2Innovation and foodtechnology center
Hair and BeautyHairdressing, Make-up, Nailcare, Skin care, Tanning, DaySpa,A1Hairdresser
ICTWeb design, Graphic design,Engineering,Telecommunications,Technicians, Programmers,Networks, Industrial Design,software and hardwareA1
International Cooperation anddevelopmentA2 / EN or FR are anadvantageNGO InternationalCooperation
LaboratoryWater, chemical andmicrobiologic analysisA2Water-treatment plant
Marketing / Advertising /CommunicationB1 / EN is an advantage
Restaurant and cateringBar, Restaurant, KitchenA1
SalesA1Sports Clothing & equipmentstore
Social workseveral positions and targetgroups (Disabled, immigrants,youngsters, children, drugabusers, etc)A2
TourismHotel Reception / Informationoffice / Tourist guideB1 / EN or FR are anadvantageTourism information officeHotel **** reception

* According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

We are aware of how important quality accommodation is for our participants. Comfort, cleanliness, safety and a good atmosphere are our key words.
Our participants can be hosted in host families or in rented rooms in apartments.
Home-stay in Host Family: Combine your stay in Logroño with a truly heartwarming experience.
A home-stay is the only housing option that provides international participants the opportunity to live in a Spanish home during their stay in Logroño. By sharing life together with their hosts, participants will have a first-hand experience of Spanish culture and a chance for regular relaxed conversation in Spanish.

Who are our hosts?

We have different kind of hosts. All of our hosts love sharing their lives with internationals. Since every home is different, every home-stay is different. Hosts may be a family or single person, with or without children.
Each host family must submit an extensive application and be interviewed in their home before they can be accepted.
Our families offer an excellent standard of accommodation. They are all well situated in the city centre or in residential areas with shopping, cinema, restaurants as well as excellent parks and sport facilities.
Home-stays are available on a first-come first-serve basis. It is important to apply as early as possible.

Accommodation in flats

Many participants would prefer to live in a flat, shared with other international participants or Spanish students. This can be an enjoyable experience as it gives participants from around the world an opportunity to get to know each other and make friends.
Our flats usually include two to four bedrooms along with a shared living room, kitchen and 1 or 2 toilets.
Participants are responsible for cleaning their own rooms and the communal spaces.
Blankets, pillows, sheets and kitchen utensils (plates, cutlery, pots and pans, etc) are provided.
We visit the flats to meet the residents and assure the quality of the accommodation and facilities.

Average costs

The rent varies depending on the area and the type of room and kind of accommodation, but is currently set at between 350 euros and 500 euros per month. This includes electricity, water, heating and use of kitchen and laundry facilities.
In addition to your rent, you will also have to pay a fixed deposit when you accept your housing contract prior to your arrival and it will be refunded after you have moved out. For further information, visit the specific section in this website.

Language course: the language course is given by a professional Spanish teacher. It adjusts to the linguistic skills of each participant as well as to their individual needs.

The courses are carried out in small groups of 2 or 4 participants.

Costs: (we think that it it is better for the participant do at least 10 hours)

10 hours: 150€ per participant

20 hours: 280€ per participant

30 hours: 390 € per participant

We have an extensive internship network, do not hesitate to contact us in case your sector is not included in the list…



"I think is a very interesting project and very good experience in my life."
Yo pienso que ha sido un proyecto muy interesante y una muy buena experiencia para mi vida.

John Doe, Finlandia

"Very interesting is not enough. This was the best camp I have ever been into."

Muy interesante no es suficiente, ha sido el mejor campamento en el que he estado.

Tito Livio, Finlandia

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